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Laser liposuction in Boston, Massachusetts

Laser Lipo is an innovative technology for non surgical liposuction and figures correction. The selective effect of the laser on the membranes of fat cells allows you to get rid of unwanted fat, especially in cases where classical or ultrasonic Liposuction is not applicable.

Laser lipo

Why is laser lipo, a non-surgical procedure, so popular?

Few people throughout life manage to maintain a slim figure and normal body weight - under the pressure of age-related changes, poor-quality food, and a sedentary lifestyle, subcutaneous fat deposits gradually accumulate. The skin in the problem areas stretches and sags, spoiling the appearance's aesthetics. In the chin, forearms, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, they form the so-called ballast "pillows".

A craze and thoughtless fascination with all sorts of diets are already in the distant past. Today, everyone understands that a balanced diet is a complex issue that requires analysis, study, and a thoughtful approach. Otherwise, the frivolous rejection of any products can lead to severe metabolic disorders.

After losing weight, traces of stretch marks and the bumpiness of the surface characteristic of cellulite remain on the sites of fat occurrence. Such flaws can be hidden only under clothes, and the representatives of the beautiful half want to look beautiful in the pool and on a sea holiday. Fortunately, the possibilities of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery are so great that they allow you to solve this delicate problem radically - to remove unwanted fat and tighten the skin. For these purposes, Laser liposuction is used - a procedure for destroying subcutaneous fat using the latest generation of hardware equipment.


Laser liposuction
Elite Spa offers a non-aggressive, minimally invasive technique compared with traditional liposuction methods.

Laser liposuction BENEFITS

Procedure time

Procedure is performed within a few hours and the patient immediately returns to usual activities

Without surgery

Laser Lipo is an innovative technology for non surgical liposuction and figures correction.

Treatment of diseases

The Smart lipo procedure is also used to treat hyperhidrosis and pseudo-gynecomastia and remove lipomas and fillers.

What are the most popular laser liposuction procedures?

The most popular areas for Smart lipo procedures in Elite Spa are:

The procedure is performed by qualified specialists with many years of experience in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Lipo Laser before | after


Before Treatment Image of our Client


After Treatment Image of our Client



Elite Spa in Boston offers a non-aggressive, compared with traditional liposuction methods, non-invasive technique, way of carrying out Laser liposuction, or Smart Lipo procedures. Laser liposuction – opens new horizons in treating excess fat deposits and makes it possible to abandon the traditional liposuction method in favor of Laser Lipo.

The Laser liposuction procedure can be performed within a few hours, and the patient immediately returns to his usual activities. This low-traumatic procedure is widespread throughout the world. Unofficially, Smart Lipo is called “Hollywood liposuction” or “lunch break liposuction”. The reason why Smart Lipo was named this why is because Smart Lipo has no downtime in compare to a Tradition Liposuction.

During the procedure, the blood vessels coagulate, so there is no danger of bleeding with the formation of hematomas, while a pronounced lifting effect occurs. The result of the Laser Liposuction procedure is very dependent on the doctor’s skill, so carry it out only with board certified plastic surgeon in compare to Laser Lipo where the non-invasive applicators break the fat cells without surgical intervention!

Laser Lipo procedure is performed after consulting a professional. The professional will conduct an examination and preform the necessary tests. After marking the targeted zones, a special laser applicator with radio frequency capabilities is placed on the targeted area. Puncture sites heal without a trace after 2-3 days. The ability to work of a person is not impaired; the patient can immediately return to the usual mode of life.

Depending on the selected zone and the number of fat deposits that need to be removed, the technician will choose one of the Laser Lipo techniques for the operation:

  • Ultrasonic Laser Lipo, during which the figure is corrected with the removal of small amounts of fat deposits;
  • A combined technique involving the use of Laser assisted Lipolysis and additional Radio Frequency. This approach makes it possible to remove large amounts of fat deposits.

The duration of Smart Lipo depends on the selected area, the technique used, and the number of fat removed but first, let’s talk about a traditional Liposuction- Most patients achieve complete results in just one laser liposuction procedure. Lipolysis of the chin will take 30 to 40 minutes, knees – about 60 minutes. The treatment of the abdomen or thighs will take from 90 minutes to 2-3 hours. The doctor will announce the approximate duration of each procedure at the consultation. This method of plastic liposuction surgical procedure makes it possible to eliminate fat deposits on any part of the body quickly. The desired result is manifested within 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Along with a decrease in fat deposits, skin tightening is observed. The Smart Laser Lipo technique excludes the formation of bleeding, hematomas, or scars on the skin.

When the procedure is completed, the doctor will recommend staying in the clinic for 1-1.5 hours after the examination discharges the patient. Any traumatic effects in the treated area, including scrubs, and peels, should be avoided. During the rehabilitation period, wear a compression garment for 14 days. As well as exclude visits to the sauna, bath, swimming pool, or solarium. 3-4 weeks after liposuction surgery, you can return to sports and should continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Smart Lipo or Laser Lipo procedure takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on the targeted areas, body type and technique used as previously mentioned, however, Lipo Laser procedure has more instantaneous results, when you can expect to start seeing results between 3 to 4 days later. there will be NO DOWNTIME after the procedure and no heavy restrictions like the traditional liposuction surgery has. Immediately after the Lipo Laser procedure is done, you can resume your day normally!

Smart Laser Lipo is used by athletes and sport enthusiastic who workout on a daily basis and cannot afford bruises, recovery time or even anesthesia. 

More and more people want to do Smart Laser Lipo procedures every year. This Smart Laser Lipo has some undeniable advantages:

During the session, blood vessels and nerve endings are not damaged;

A cosmetic effect quickly occurs (3-5 days after treatment is done fully);

Traces of stretch marks and cellulite disappear;

The patient does not experience pain – non-invasive procedure;

The operation is performed on different parts of the body (including the belly, neck, knee, and inner thighs);

Anesthesia is not used;

The shortest possible period of rehabilitation;

An extended period of preservation of the aesthetic result.

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