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Endospheres therapy


is an innovative Italian technology for body shaping, cellulite reduction, and skin rejuvenation. 




Face only

45 minutes


Full Body

1 hour

How it works?

The basis of the technique is an innovative compressive micro-vibration technology. The Endospheres is a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres. Each moving link of the patented mechanism has a spherical shape, due to the vibration and pressure combination which allows for achieving a healthy lymphatic drainage effect, the release of lymph and venous blood from the tissues, and low-frequency mechanical vibrations improve local blood circulation.

Massage with this roller device generates mechanical low-frequency vibrations and removes the three root causes of cellulite occurs:

  • reduces fluid stagnation in the body

  • reduces skin flabbiness, improves tone

  • removes fat cells

The roller device in the composition affects the skin’s surface and deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, along with the correction of the shape of the figure, the peeling of the upper layers of the epidermis also occurs. It gently compresses the skin and tissues, increasing local blood circulation.

Initially, the endospheres apparatus was created and used for professional athletes to quickly remove lactic acid from muscles, improve venous blood flow, and increase muscle toning with the help of an intensive effect on muscles.

At the present stage, endospheres therapy is widely used in cosmetology, impressing with its aesthetic and therapeutic capabilities, and is considered one of the most popular procedures in hardware cosmetology.

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Beneficial features

Strengthens blood vessels

Strengthens blood vessels, and preventions of varicose veins. Improvement of local blood circulation.

Prevents and treats stagnation

Thank to lymphatic drainage massage, it prevents and treats stagnation of the lymphatic system. Reduces fluid retention in the body.

Removes fat deposits

Removes fat deposits, visually reducing the volume and correcting the contours of the figure.

Improves skin laxity

Endospheres therapy effectively improves skin laxity. The skin will quickly tighten and the number of stretch marks will be reduced.

Fights deformations

Successfully fights deformations in fibrous tissue, and significantly reduces cellulite.

Smoothes wrinkles

Smoothes wrinkles and makes scars less visible

Relieves muscle

Relieves muscle pain after intense sports training.

Performs peeling

Performs peeling, and removes dead skin cells.

Endospheres before | after


Before Endospheres


After Endospheres

Not only the body

The Endospheres therapy works great as a facial massage – it is useful both as an anti-aging therapy and just to give the face rest. The procedure helps to get rid of the flabbiness of the epidermis, pronounced nasolabial folds, wrinkles, double chin, ptosis, age-related changes in the face, and facial muscle tension. The procedure also restores an even and natural skin tone of the face.

Indications for the use of endospheres therapy

Endospheres therapy is a hardware massage with a therapeutic effect to eliminate many cosmetic problems:

  • it is recommended to use the endospheres for stretch marks, and sluggish and flabby skin. The procedure makes it possible to tighten the surface of the skin after rapid weight loss, reduce the abundance of stretch marks;

  • endospheres effectively eliminates extra pounds and body fat, and improves body contours;

  • lymphatic drainage massage has proven itself in getting rid of cellulite and deformations in fibrous tissue;

  • successfully used for the treatment and prevention of increased volume of fluid in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, stagnant processes of the lymphatic system, venous edema;

  • promotes the restoration of muscle tone, relieves muscle pain;

  • endospheres therapy is also a kind of light peeling, which simultaneously with massage removes obsolete cells of the upper layers of the skin.



The procedure is completely safe. It has minimal contraindications, such as pregnancy, oncology, deep vein thrombosis, bacterial skin infections, active eczema, and severe health condition.


The endospheres therapy procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetologist. It identifies areas that need to be carefully worked out. The smart machine scans for aesthetic imperfections by automatically adjusting pressure and rotation speed. These options are displayed on the built-in screen. Our clinic staff performs sessions following protocols that have been repeatedly tested and proven to be effective.

The procedure includes 3 stages

  1. applying special massage oil to the body;

  2. the required rotation speed of the manipulator attachment is selected;

  3. studies by the manipulator of problem areas of the body.

The result of the endosphere is simply amazing in its visibility. When moving the maniple, the synthesis of collagen with elastin is stimulated, muscle receptors are stimulated, and microcirculation improves. Due to this procedure, the thickness of the muscle tissue increases.

The procedure is suitable for those who want to get rid of cellulite, improve the silhouette of the body, tighten the skin after rapid weight loss or childbirth, and restore youth to the skin of the face. But it is also suitable as a therapeutic massage for tight muscles in athletes and people with a sedentary lifestyle, whose back and lower back are numb.

Unlike other devices for body shaping, such as LPG, Tri-Active, and Vela, Endospheres therapy has a complex effect on the body:

  • Has a lymphatic drainage effect – removes excess fluid

  • Stimulates the vascular system – strengthens the walls of blood vessels

  • Helps remove toxins from the body

  • Stimulates the production of youth proteins elastin and collagen in the skin.

The procedure can be successfully combined with other cosmetic techniques – mesotherapy, wrapping, photorejuvenation – the effectiveness of which is only increasing.

The full course of procedures varies from 6 to 12, depending on the complexity of the problems. But a positive result is visible after the very first session. Subsequent sessions enhance the result.

With a corrective course, it is recommended to conduct 2 sessions per week. With a maintenance course, 1 session per week is enough. You can repeat courses at any convenient time. This will reduce the appearance of cellulite to a minimum.

If nothing is done after the course, the effect will last from four to 6 months, depending on the factors of the future lifestyle factors and the general condition of the patient. Beautiful appearance is a healthy lifestyle and the Endosphere therapy technique.

You can sign up for treatments at Elite Spa on our website or by calling. Just choose the desired date and we will be waiting for you at Elite Spa.

A procedure with extremely little damage to the body without reducing the effectiveness of a surgical intervention. Due to the reduction in the duration of the operation and the reduction of the traumatization of soft tissues, a high therapeutic and cosmetic result is achieved. There is no need for prolonged bed rest since operations are carried out in the clinic for one day. They are well tolerated by patients since there is no pronounced pain syndrome.

Consultations by phone or instant messengers may be general information; perhaps you have missed some nuances on our website and pages. Consultation on the use of specific procedures and treatment methods must be obtained personally directly at the reception of our Elite professional specialist.

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