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ELITE SPA SALON - Professional Figure Correction & Weight Loss Solutions
Transform your body and boost your confidence with ELITE SPA SALON, the premier provider of professional figure correction and weight loss solutions. Our facilities feature the latest technology, and our experienced staff is dedicated to delivering exceptional service.
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Pourquoi courons-nous tous après la beauté? … Nous voulons être beaux parce que nous voulons être meilleurs.

Why are we all chasing beauty? ... We want to be beautiful because we want to be better.





For first time customers
2 Sessions for $350 for first time clients
Their coolsculpting works really well. I lost a significant amount of weight after two months of treatments. Great for getting out of a slump
Victoria Meng
Victoria Meng
Staffs are super nice, and service is great too. I appreciate their patience to explain and willingness to communicate when there is an issue.
Lois Tang
Lois Tang
I was super happy that I found this SPA!!! The location is super convenient, very close off of the MBTA for those who prefer to travel by public transportation. The office was super clean and very welcoming. The staff was so friendly, knowledgable and provided a great experience for me. I do recommend this SPA and their services, and I am looking to coming back. Thanks! -C
Carlos Escobar
Carlos Escobar
Great spa, staff is friendly and very knowledgeable! Lala is exceptional at her job, and truly cares.
Sharim Afnan
Sharim Afnan
Staff is excellent and always helpful in explaining everything. I saw results after my first cavitation treatment and absolutely loved it. Already eager to come back for the next one! P.S Alexandra was so niiiiiiiice
Daria Chikisheva
Daria Chikisheva
Alexandria was awesome. She is very knowledgeable with every services. The staff is very friendly, kind, and considerate. My first visit was wonderful.
Tatiana Morales
Tatiana Morales
Thank you for your help. Very professional
Gene Petrov
Gene Petrov
Very professional. Stuff is very helpful and clean.
Rollan Shnayderman
Rollan Shnayderman

Elite Spa - Rejuvenation and Weight Loss Center in MA

At a young age, almost no one thinks about keeping the body in good shape. But there comes a time when a modern person, regardless of gender, begins to puzzle his reflection in the mirror...


Lipo Laser is a treatment for getting rid of cellulite, fat cells, and stretch marks. Treatment occurs mainly in those places where it is difficult to reduce fat through diet or exercise.

Cryotherapy – this treatment provides maximum blood flow saturated with oxygen and nutrients. Cryomassage can relieve muscle tension, remove swelling and smooth the skin.

Hydra Facial is a procedure for cleansing, exfoliating, and deeply moisturizing the skin, as a regular soft peeling, for dehydration and dryness, and simply in cases where you need to look good.

A procedure with extremely little damage to the body without reducing the effectiveness of surgical intervention. Due to the reduction in the duration of the operation and the reduction of the traumatization of soft tissues, a high therapeutic and cosmetic result is achieved. There is no need for prolonged bed rest since operations are carried out in the clinic for one day. They are well tolerated by patients since there is no pronounced pain syndrome.

Muscle Toning Treatment is a treatment that helps women and men build muscle and burn fat. Areas of application of cosmetology equipment: biceps, triceps, press, buttocks.

Pressotherapy was first created for the treatment of varicose veins. This procedure is often prescribed after injuries, stroke, surgical interventions, or when there is a pain in the joints. Pressure therapy helps with cellulite, reduces body weight, and improves skin condition. This technique is ideal for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are overweight, and do not eat properly.

Endosphere – is used to rejuvenate the face and body. It restores muscles and the dermis layer. It makes the skin smooth, rejuvenates, and reduces the visibility of wrinkles. It eliminates cellulite and improves blood circulation. The therapy stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminating the unpleasant sensation of heaviness in the legs.

Body Wrap – compresses with the use of cosmetic preparations for the body. It helps soothe the skin and relieves feelings of dryness, restoring the sense of comfort.

Cavitation is a procedure for direct exposure to the body to eliminate excess fat cells.

You can sign up for treatments at Elit Spa on our website or by calling. Just choose the desired date, and we will be waiting for you at Elite Spa.

Most procedures have a duration of no more than one hour. The session includes the course of therapy and preliminary and post-procedural actions. The rehabilitation period after taking the procedures is practically unnecessary. So you have a way to fill your lunch break with benefits for your health.

Consultations by phone or instant messengers may be general information; perhaps you have missed some nuances on our website and pages. Consultation on the use of specific procedures and treatment methods must be obtained personally directly at the reception of our Elite professional specialist.


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