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ELITE MUSCLE TONING in Boston, Massachusetts

Elite Muscle Toning is the first non-invasive aesthetic treatment machine to strengthen muscles and reduce body fat at the same time.


One Handle (50 minutes)

EMT was developed by our scientists
after an extensive research to produce a procedure
that sculpts the physique without surgery or downtime.

What is Elite Muscle Toning?

This technique allows you to create a more slender body, make it fit, work out the contours, and also reduce local fat deposits, while pumping the muscles hiding under them.

The Elite Muscle Toning apparatus “sculpts” the figure before our eyes. Our clients see the result after the first procedure: the contours of the muscles are drawn, the body becomes elastic and slender, a pronounced muscle tone, a decrease in the volume of unwanted fat deposits is noticed, the diastasis of the rectus abdominal muscles decreases, the buttocks become toned.

In fact, one procedure replaces several grueling workouts in the gym, while approximately 20,000 maximum involuntary muscle contractions occur per session, which is impossible to achieve during normal physical exertion.


Non-invasive impact

The procedure is painless and does not require anesthesia.

Not require rehabilitation

You can return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure

Works on problem areas

Improving the tone of the muscles of the press and buttocks is indicated for most patients.

Approved by the FDA

Safety was confirmed by 7 independent clinical multicenter studies conducted in the USA.

The visible result

increasing after the completion of the course of procedures.


Suitable for women and men.


Simultaneously trains muscles and burns unwanted body fat.

Restores circulation

Has a favorable drainage effect.

Emt before and after

The procedure has clinically proven results. According to the results of clinical studies conducted in the United States, patients who underwent four 30-minute Elite Muscle Toning treatments after 2 months recorded:

In fact, one procedure replaces several grueling workouts in the gym, while approximately 20,000 maximum involuntary muscle contractions occur per session, which is impossible to achieve during normal physical exertion.

  • reduction of the thickness of the fat layer in the abdomen by 18.6%,

  • increase in muscle mass in the abdomen by an average of 15.4%,

  • diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles decreased by 10.4%,
  • waist circumference decreased by an average of 3.5 cm,

  • no side effects, some patients experienced slight muscle fatigue after the procedure, which disappeared within the next 12-48 hours.


EMT treatment


Elite Muscle Toning After Look

Indications for use



It is necessary to consult a doctor before the procedure.


The EMT procedure is suitable for most people who want to improve their fitness without exhausting exercise and surgery. You can find out if you have indications or contraindications for the procedure during a preliminary consultation with a specialist. 

Before the procedure, the patient must remove all items of clothing and accessories containing metal. Special applicators are placed on the treated area, which must be exposed. They are fastened with a fixing strap.

Therapy is carried out following the parameters chosen by the technician. The intensity of the procedure gradually increases to an acceptable level of comfort and is regulated by a specialist. The duration of treatment of one zone is no more than 30 minutes.

EMT prices are depending on the amount of applicators applied on the body and after a free consultation sessions, the technician will be able to gather a plan that will work for your body type efficiently. EMT is usually applied on one or two zones at the same time to decrease unnecessary costs. 

A significant progressive effect of reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass can be achieved in just one course of four procedures, which are carried out 2-3 times a week with a break of several days. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, the doctor can either increase or decrease the number of prescribed procedures.

The best results can be observed after 14 days, when the process of regeneration, growth, and thickening of muscle tissue is already fully completed. Various researchers have also noted that changes in the muscles after intense physical activity persist for a long time – 2 months after the last procedure. Minor damage was visible after 3 months, but in most cases muscle changes persisted after 6 months, although there has been a decreasing trend since then. From this point on, the course of procedures on the device can be repeated.

The device is certified in Europe. Its effectiveness and safety are confirmed by independent clinical multicenter studies. The method does not apply to thermal, ionizing, or radiation, so the risk of burns, swelling, and scarring are zero. 

The intervention is absolutely comfortable, you will feel quite intense, but painless muscle contractions in the treated area. EMT does not cause side effects and does not require rehabilitation – you can return to daily activities immediately.

You will notice changes immediately after treatment. More expressive results usually appear 2-4 weeks after the last session and will improve over several weeks after the end of the course of procedures.

EMT procedures are non-invasive, there is no recovery period, there are no special restrictions and recommendations after the procedure, and you do not need to spend time on any special preparation.

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